3D Engineer

  • Full Time Remote, North America

Our Company

Gowalla is a groundbreaking new social game played in the real world. It uses augmented reality to inspire people to explore their city, discover new places, and create shared experiences with friends.

In preparation of our flagship app launch in Summer 2021, we recently released the Gowalla Street Team app, a private companion experience where passionate explorers can curate their cities and neighborhoods with information useful for inclusion in the core Gowalla app.

We are a small, remote-native team led by social and consumer software veterans. We've designed and built products at early-stage startups as well as established technology companies like Apple, Facebook, and Instagram. We're backed by industry-leading VCs and prominent angel investors from a unique collection of backgrounds.

We Believe

  • Our relationships with real-world locations, experiences, and memories are core to our personal identity. The places we go speak to our passions, values, and desires for connection as people.
  • Community is as important to the success of our endeavor as product, engineering, or design. The most loved companies of the future will make community a core pillar of their brand.
  • The devices we carry with us are still bursting with untapped potential to connect with the world we live in every day. We aim to manifest magical experiences from the future now.

Who You Are

You like to build, ship, and play video games. You have a deep expertise in computer graphics, physics engines, steering simulations, and/or other gaming technologies.

You merge work and play. You enjoy learning from your experiences in video game play and try observed techniques to improve frame rates and/or achieve new affects.

You are experienced. You have built a 3D rendering engine or participated in the development specialized rendering solutions for virtual reality, augmented reality, or a game. Bonus if you've integrated real-time gaming services.

You care about performance. You pride yourself in frame rates and graphics tricks to perceive quality – even through degradation.

You believe in the end of hardware. You love the idea that the future of computing is immersive and your computer or phone will just be virtual elements in an augmented view.

You care about graphics and an emergent style. You understand and value the idea that sometimes elements need a visual through line. Elements can exude a particular style based on their use and don't always have blend in with everything else.

What You'll Do

You'll ship product. As part of the Gowalla team, you'll help define and create emerging technologies that will benefit large scale augmented reality applications.

You'll create experiences that shape an iconic product. We believe in hiring smart people that pride themselves in good values, their work, and holding great responsibility.

You'll collaborate with the team on rendering solutions for advanced AR clients and services. Whether it is computer vision/robotics algorithms for 3D reconstruction, calibration, localization, or mapping, you'll work with the team to develop features, tools, and service for amazing end user AR experiences.

We are committed to assembling an unrivaled team of artists, technologists, and adventurers who aim to create a new way to explore the world. As an early crew member, you'll have enormous impact on both our product and company culture. If you're excited about our mission, and believe you might be a fit, we'd love to hear from you.